Sarah Boone Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & Net Worth (2024)

Who Is Sarah Boone?

Sarah Boone is an African American dressmaker. She is became well-known for inventing the modern ironing board. She patented her invention in 1892, saying it was a “cheap, simple, convenient and highly effective device” for ironing women’s clothes. This achievement made her one of the earliest African American women to get a patent.

Personal Information

Birth Name: Sarah Marshall
After Marriage Name: Sarah Boone
Date of birth: In 1832
Date of Death: 1904
Age: 71 years old
Profession: Dressmaker
Nationality: African-American
Ethnicity: Black
Religion: Christian

Early Life & Family

Sarah Marshall was later known as Boone. She was born near New Bern in Craven County, North Carolina in 1832. Growing up, she faced the hardships of slavery. Details about her parents were not available. Despite the challenges she endured. Boone exhibited remarkable strength and determination. Eventually, she found a path to freedom.

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Sarah Boone was known for being very clever, but we don’t know much about her education from public records. Even though we don’t have details about her schooling. We can see how smart and resourceful she was from the important things she did in her profession.


Boone and her family made their way to New Haven, Connecticut. Before the Civil War, using routes connected to the Underground Railroad. They settled in a neighborhood near Dixwell Avenue, where many African American families lived. Boone worked as a dressmaker to support her family. While her husband worked as a bricklayer until he passed away in the mid-1870s. Despite the challenges they faced, Boone managed to attain enough financial stability to buy a home of their own.

In their community, it was illegal to educate African Americans. However, Boone took the initiative to learn how to read and write in her late 40s. Possibly with the assistance of the Dixwell Congregational Church.

In the face of intense competition, Boone needed a strategy to make her dresses stand out and attract customers. By the early 1890s, she discovered something that was perfectly suited for the corsets that were in vogue during that era. Despite the challenges, Boone’s ingenuity and adaptability allowed her to thrive in her dressmaking business.

Before Boone’s idea, dressmakers used a simple wooden plank between two chairs to iron clothes. But this wasn’t great for ironing tight-fitting clothes. So, Boone came up with a clever solution a curved board that could fit into sleeves and making ironing easier. She also added padding to prevent marks and made it collapsible for easy storage.

Boone’s smart invention made ironing much better for dressmakers everywhere. It changed how people ironed clothes and made it easier to work with tight-fitting garments. Her new kind of ironing board set a higher standard for taking care of clothes, giving dressmakers more accuracy and making their work simpler.

Using her newly learned writing skills, Boone applied for a patent for her special ironing board in 1891. Her hard work paid off when she was given U.S. Patent No. 473,653 on April 26, 1892. This made her one of the first African American women to get this special recognition as an inventor. Her success showed how smart she was and was an important moment in African American history.


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Body Measurements 

Height: NA
Weight: NA
Body Measurement: NA
Eye Color: NA
Hair Color: NA

Sarah Boone Family Relation

Father: Caleb Marshall
Mother: Sally Marshall
Siblings: 3
Husband: James Boone
Children: 8

Love Life & Affairs

On November 25, 1847 Sarah Boone married James Boone. He is a free black man in New Bern. This marriage freed Sarah from slavery and giving her a chance for a new life. They were blessed with eight children over the years, filling their home with happiness and meaning.

Sarah Boone’s Net Worth

Sarah Boone was good at making clothes. She came up with a clever idea for the ironing board, which changed how people take care of their clothes. She even got a special document called a patent for her idea. We don’t know how much money she had. We do know that she made a big difference in fashion and how people do chores at home.

Name: Sarah Boone
Wealth: NA
Source of Wealth: Dressmaker

Interesting Facts

  • Her parents were in slavery at her born.
  • She was awarded with patent.
  • Sarah was the inventor of iron.
  • She became free of slavery at her marriage.

Sarah Boone’s Social Media Accounts

Back when Sarah Boone was alive, there was no social media. But if she lived today, she’d probably have millions of followers. People would love her smart invention, creative ideas and making her popular online. Everyone would be eager to see what she comes up with next!

Sarah Boone’s Death and Legacy

Boone passed away from Bright’s disease on October 29, 1904. She was laid to rest beside her mother and husband in Evergreen Cemetery in New Haven. While it’s not certain if she made money from her invention. Boone’s ironing board became a common item in households for many years.


  • How old is Sarah Boone?

Sarah was born in 1832. While at her death in 1904. She was around 71 years old.

  • What are 3 interesting facts about Sarah Boone?

Sarah was an African American inventor. She was born in February 1832 in North Carolina. She spent her life as a dressmaker. In 1847, she married James Boone and became free from slavery. Sarah died in 1904.

  • What did Sarah Boone do for a living?

Sarah Boone’s occupation was an inventor and dressmaker. She is known as the inventor of an ironing board improvement.

  • What did Sarah Boone do to change the world?

Sarah Boone was an African American dressmaker, became famous for inventing the modern ironing board.

  • How old was Sarah Boone when she married James Boone?

According to marriage bond records. She was 14, Sarah married to James Boone in 1847.

  • What made Sarah Boone famous?

She was a Black entrepreneur who sold hair and beauty products for Black people. She also helped others and fought for change. The Guinness Book of World Records said she was the first woman to make a million dollars by herself in America.

  • What is one fact about Sarah Boone?

Sarah Boone from New Haven was the first Black woman in Connecticut to get a patent.

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