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Who Is RonaldOMG?

RonaldOMG is a Canadian YouTube gamer who has become famous for playing games on Roblox and Minecraft. He’s well-liked by fans of both games, making him a popular figure in the YouTube gaming scene.

Personal Information

Full Name: Ronald Kurzawa
Nick Name: RonaldOMG
Date of birth: September 3, 2008
Age: Around 15 years Old
Profession: YouTuber
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: White
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Religion: Christianity

Early Life & Education

RonaldOMG, also known as Ronald Kurzawa, was born in Canada on September 3, 2008. Kurzawa moved to Spain in 2016 and is now 15 years old. He was born under the Virgo zodiac sign. His dad, Freddy Kurzawa, is popular in Roblox as “FreddyGoesBoom” and has a YouTube channel called ‘Freddy’.

RonaldOMG’s older sister is KarinaOMG, known as “GamerGirl” on her channel. They team up for the channel SIS vs BRO. He also has a younger sister named Aria. In 2017, he studied at Sotogrande International School in Spain.

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RonaldOMG is a picky eater who really likes mac and cheese popcorn. He also likes caramel ice cream but doesn’t like healthy foods like eggs and vegetables. He got a scar on his chin from a bike accident. Kurzawa spends most of his time playing ‘Minecraft’ and ‘Fortnite Battle Royale,’ and his room is always messy because of it.

His favorite YouTuber is Preston Blaine Arsement, and he enjoys watching ‘PrestonPlayz – Minecraft’ on YouTube. He used to take dance lessons likes the color orange and wants to visit Dubai. He loves the song ‘7 Years’ by Lukas Graham, reads books, plays the guitar, and values family trips.

Professional Career

Since he was a kid, RonaldOMG has been playing games. He started sharing his gaming experiences on ‘Roblox’ and launched his YouTube channel in early 2016. He posts videos of ‘Roblox’ gameplay on his channel and discusses how the games are going. His first video was a Minecraft tutorial called BLOODIEST NIGHT, which explained how to survive in the game.

RonaldOMG became famous in gaming when his videos got lots of views. In one video, he played mini-games with EthanGamerTV. His ‘Murder Mystery Roblox’ series is popular with viewers and has made him a fan favorite.

His channel has really popular videos like ‘How to Escape the Giant Fat Guy Obby?!?’, ‘CREEPY PERSON,’ ‘Escape from the Office Obby,’ and ‘My Final House.’ He also posts ‘Minecraft’ videos, which have made the channel even more liked. Right now, the channel has more than 4 million subscribers.

RonaldOMG and his sister Karina run the ‘SIS vs BRO0’ YouTube channel together. They share vlogs, travel stories, Q&A sessions, fun challenges, and slime tutorials on the channel. Viewers really like the challenges and slime videos. Their channel’s popularity has earned them special awards from YouTube.

RonaldOMG started his YouTube channel ‘Ronald Kurzawa’ on October 23, 2018, with over 490K subscribers. Although he has fewer followers on Twitter and Instagram, he and his sister run an online store selling their merchandise. One of his most-watched videos is “Basement Door Almost Opened!”


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Body Measurements 

Height: 5 Feet
Weight: 42 Kg
Body Measurement: NA
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown

RonaldOMG Family Relation

Father: Freddy Kurzawa
Mother: Mrs. Kurzawa
Siblings: v  Karina Kurzawa

v  Aria Kurzawa

Relationship: Single

RonaldOMG Love Life

RonaldOMG is currently 15 years old, which is too young to think about having a girlfriend. He’s still young and hasn’t had real romantic experiences. However, his charm, talent, and personality will likely make him popular with admirers in the future. We wish him the best in finding a great partner when he is ready.

RonaldOMG Social Media Accounts

RonaldOMG has many fans on YouTube, with over 4.45 million subscribers on his main channel. His self-named channel also has many followers, with around 616K subscribers. The ‘SIS vs. BRO’ channel he does with his sister has a big 14.1 million subscribers. He has about 7K followers on Twitter, and his Instagram ‘@ronaldkurzawa’ has more than 657K followers.

He is really popular on social media, especially Instagram. On Instagram, he shares his cool outfits, promotes acting gigs, and shows his daily life travels in photos and videos. He posts many good-looking pictures and has shared over 100 photos on Instagram, gaining many followers.

Since he was young, Ronald has loved making videos. He used to make videos with friends during school and later got into gaming and making videos. He started his career on Instagram, inspiring people with different videos and getting many followers.

Ronald is also active on Twitter, where he promotes ads, helps businesses, shares photos, and talks about personal and social topics.

RonaldOMG’s Net Worth

Even though he’s young, RonaldOMG has become really famous and well-known in different areas at a very early age. He’s made a lot of money, about $4.4 million as of 2024, which shows how good he is at business and how much people like what he does.

Name: RonaldOMG
Wealth: Around $4.4 million
Source of Wealth: YouTuber

 RonaldOMG Interesting Facts

  • His born country is Canada.
  • He loves Animation.
  • RonaldOMG collaborated with his siblings on the channel named “Sis VS Bro.”
  • Ronald Kurzawa enjoys playing Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox.
  • Ronald Kurzawa loves Ed Sheeran’s music.
  • He likes McDonald’s.
  • He likes biking, singing, traveling, and photography.

RonaldOMG Hobbies

  • He likes French Cuisine.
  • He likes surfing, dancing, and reading.
  • He likes pets.
  • He likes morning walks.
  • He likes watching movies.


  • Ronald Kurzawa: Who is he?

Ronald Kurwaza is a popular YouTuber and gamer from Canada and Spain. He’s well-liked by Indian tech fans and has millions of YouTube subscribers. He shares vlogs, funny videos, and gaming content on his channel.

  • Does Ronald Kurzawa have a wife?

Ronald Kurzawa was too young and had No wife.

  • What is Ronald Kurzawa’s age?

Ronald is 15 years old ( As of early 2024).

  • When is Ronaldomg birthday?

3 September is his birthday.

  • What is Ronald Kurzawa’s zodiac sign?

Virgo is Ronald Kurzawa’s zodiac sign.

  • What is Ronald Kurzawa’s height?

Ronald Kurzawa’s height is more than 5 ft.

  • How old is Ronaldomg sister?

Ronald Kurzawa’s sister is 17 years old (As of 2024).

  • From what country is Ronald Kurzawa?

He is from Canada.

  • How much money is Ronald Kurzawa worth?

His net worth is around $4.4M.

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