Robie Uniacke Biography, Age, Career & Net Worth

Who is  Robie Uniacke  ?

Born in 1961, Robie Uniacke is a mathematician researcher, and entrepreneur who is a British national. He is widely known for being Rosamund Pike’s longtime partner in the film “Long Gone”. He was very keen on mathematics from a very young age and thus studied his favorite subject at Eton College. In addition, he is also famous for his appealing and prolonged partnership with  Rosamund Pike and has been with her till this time. His business efforts and mesmerizing work in research have made him a reputable person in the world of mathematics.

Personal Information

 Full Name  Robie David Corbett  Uniacke
 Nick Name  Robie  Uniacke
 Date of Birth  March 9  th, 1961
 Age  61
 Zodiac sign  Pisces
 Nationality  British
 Ethnicity  White
 Religion  Christianity

Early life

Robie was born in Britain and was brought up in Windsor, England. Robie’s parents were interested in maths thus he was pretty good at it too. robie was faster than his classmates at activities, puzzles, and problem-solving He attended a high school in Windsor and went to Eton University for further studies. He finished his graduation in bachelor’s degree in mathematics in  1983. Robie was born in 1961, David Corbett and Jennifer Sally Cunningham were his parents.  Alexander Camilla is the only real sibling. Either he has two stepbrothers, Kate, and Casper John Uniacke. He stayed with them and they were raised together under one roof.

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He completed his study for math at Eton College Windsor because he was very fond of studying maths. That was not new for him because his parents charmed him with mathematics and problem-solving techniques of math. That is why he developed an interest in this subject from his childhood and thus pursued the same field in his life because he was an outstanding or polished mathematician.

He studied in high school at Windsor and later after his secondary education went to Eton University for his degree and graduated from there. He is also quite fluent in Mandarin Chinese. He is very sharp-minded and was a high achiever at his school and university. After his degree, he took the path of mathematics and research and has played a vital role in the world of mathematics.


After his graduation, Robie decided to go into research in mathematics and opted for it as a career. he had an intellectual mind and precise knowledge for critical analysis. He along with his work started taking drugs and this became his habit which led him to downfall in his career. After overcoming his drug habit, Robie took the initiative to found a company in which he succeeded and named his company “Pale Fire LTD”. He started the company in 2010 by offering IT services. He was on his post of director till 2018  and was removed from his position acknowledging the company’s misdeeds. He is bankrupt of 179,602 euros that he owes HMRC in taxes.


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Body Measurement & Appearance

 Height 5 feet   9inches
 Weight 65 kg
 Body Size  Slim Build
 Eye Color  Green
 Hair Color  Brown


 Father  Robie David Corbett
 Mother  Jennifer Sally Cunningham
 Siblings  Kate, and Casper John Uniacke
 Marital Status  Divorced twice
 Wife  In relationship with  Rosamund Pike
 Children  Florence Uniacke, Hector Uniacke, Atom Uniacke,

Solo Uniacke and Robie Jonjo Uniacke

Personal Life/ Love Life & Affairs

He had a pretty up-and-down life when we talked about his love life and affairs. Robie married his first wife,  Emma Howard, she was the daughter of the famous late Earl of Carlisle and they both married in 1983. They had their first child  Robie Jonjo Uniacke and both separated ways 5 years later.  they finalized their divorce in 1988.

Whereas, His second wife was interior designer,  Rose Batstone. Robie had 3 children with Rose; his three children from Rose were Hector, Olive, and Florence Uniacke. rose got divorced from him and then he met the love of his life  Rosamund Pike and they both began their love life and started dating in 2009. Rosamund Pike is an actress and Gained  Big fame in the acting industry. pike also had failed in her relations before meeting Robie.

Social Media

Robie Uniacke has his social life and his personal life quite private and is not very good at posting his stuff on his account whereas he has an Instagram account and a  Twitter account where he is seen interacting with his close circle people and his loved ones. his closest friends can only visit his account because his profiles are private.

Robie Uniacke Net worth

Robie Uniacke has been working throughout his life and has earned a handsome amount of money along with the best livelihood. he has earned from his research and analytic techniques if we say he has cashed his skills it would not be wrong.  Robie’s net worth is around $10 million. It is claimed that he is making  $1  million per year now.

Amazing Facts

  • Not much is known about him few basics are he is a popular businessman who is also known for his work and skills in the mathematics and analytics world.
  • Robie Uniacke owned a company by the name of Pale Fire LTD and was the director of the company later on was fired cause of his misdeeds in his company.
  • When he was divorced he started taking drugs which led him to make some wrong decisions and in the end, he almost lost his career because of this addiction.

Hobbies & Interests

  • He was into partying and enjoying after his failed marriages and was used to going to parties and his consumption of drugs was pretty high.
  • Robie Uniacke is very fond of walking and goes to the park almost every day.
  • He is very good at sports that include mental abilities cause of his usage of the brain and his enhanced abilities.
  • Robie Uniacke goes to beaches at the weekends and has fine taste in music.


What is the net worth of Robie Uniacke?

His net worth is estimated at 10 million dollars and he has earned this from his work and business as a mathematics analyst.

Who is wife of Robie uniacke?

He has been  married twice and got divorced and is not in relation with Rosamund Pike

What is robie uniacke known for?

Robie is famous for his work in mathematics and data analytics and is also known  for his relationship with  Rosamund Pike

What is robie uniacke age?

Robie Uniacke’s age is 61 right now and his weight is 65 kg.

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