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Who is Norman Kali?

Norman Kali is known for his work as an American production assistant, actor, and director, his rewarded works for which he is famous are “  Lost”. He showed his work  “North Shore”, 50  First Dates(2004). And his talent can be noticed in  The Big Bounce(2004), and Undercovers(2010). The Prince of Motor  City(2008), Special Delivery(2008), and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug(2013) were his few reflections on his work and skills.

He was born in Hawaii, United States in 1978. He turned  44 in the latest update. He was born and brought up in Hawaii by his parents. Kali was recognized for his work behind the camera. His project on the ABC hit TV series Lost which became famous and got the highest ratings.

Personal Information

 Full Name  Norman Kali.
 Nick Name  Kali
 Date of Birth  1978.
 Age  44 years old
 Zodiac sign  Unknown
 Nationality  American
 Ethnicity  Unknown
 Religion  Christian.

Early life

Norman Kali’s born in the year 1978 in his hometown in Hawaii,  USA.  When he was only   16, he left his school and went to Los Angeles to begin a career in Hollywood a couple of years later.  He was not very fond of studying so after dropping out of school he started to find work in the field of his interest he worked in a variety of capacities on numerous TV shows.

He was normally behind the cameras as a  director assistant because he loved that work he put all his efforts into his work and achieved big success soon,  he started getting an offer as an actor or worked in different roles,  thus from his hard work and passion he proved what he can do.

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Norman Kali had not much interest in studies and he was very fond of the career of tv stars and he had a fine knowledge about it too.  Kali completed his graduation from  “Walimea High School” situated at 9707 Tsuchiya Rd. In Los Angeles, he continues in  Hollywood years later.

At the age of 18 years, he started his career in Hollywood. Kali was invited to the 10th reunion event at the school he said:

I am 29 years old have no college degree, am currently unemployed and I’m here to talk to you about success. I wake up every single day and say I love my life”.


Norman Kali worked in several TV shows and movies, he made his debut by working as a production assistant on the TV shows “50 First Dates, North Shore, and Lost”. He also played his part in some movies like  “Undercover, Special  Delivery, and The Prince of Motor City. He worked as a special effects assistant for Tropic Thunder. In 2013 he began working on fantasy flick The  Hobbit: The Desolation of  Smaug. Norman played his part in the TV series “Lost”  as a Production assistant from 2005 to 2007 and production staff from 2008-2009.

He worked in “The Lie” (2009) as production staff, and “The Beginning of the End” (2008) as production staff. He worked in the TV series “North Shore”  as a production assistant in  21 episodes: “Catwalk” (2004) he also played his production assistant, in “The End” (2005). Furthermore, he had a  great role in movies and TV series as a production assistant and more. kali worked As a production assistant in “50 First Dates” in 2004.

He was a production assistant in “Tears of the Sun” in 2003. He worked as Second unit director or assistant director in “Undercover” TV series in 2010. “Jailbreak”  (2010) as an additional second assistant director, “Devices” (2010) as an additional second assistant director. In 2008 “The Prince of Motor City”, a “Special Delivery” TV movie worked as a second assistant director. The role he got in 2013 was his big break in his career. He appeared as an actor in “The  Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”. Kali worked in “Off the Map” TV series as a local rescue worker in 2011.

Body Measurement & Appearance

 Height 5  ft. 10 inch.
 Weight  60 kg.
 Body Size  38-30-35.
 Eye Color  Dark brown.
 Hair Color  Brown.


 Father  N/A
 Mother  N/A
 Siblings  N/A
 Marital Status  N/A
 Wife  In relationship
 Lisa Edelstein (Ex-girlfriend)

Currently dating Evangeline Lilly.

 Children 2  (Son Kahekili and daughter)

Personal Life/ Love Life & Affairs

Norman Kali began dating Lisa Edelstein in 2009. On social media, this stunning couple became viral. However, by then, their relationship was having problems. Compatibility concerns led to their breakup. They both started to experience compatibility problems in their relationship after a while. And both of them came to a mutual understanding to end their relationship. At the time,  Kali was seeing Evangeline Lilly. While serving as production assistants on a  “Lost” set, they both got to know one another.

And as their understanding grew, they began dating. Evangeline was a well-known actor from Canada. She moved in with Kali in his Hawaii homeland. After learning of her pregnancy,  she decided to postpone her acting career. Lilly discovered she was expecting  Kali’s child in 2011 and the birth was shortly confirmed. Despite not being legally married, they still communicate with one another. She gave birth to a  healthy boy, Kahekili, on May 21, 2011. And in November 2015, a baby girl was born as their second child, following four. They both reside peacefully with  their children in

Social Media

Norman Kali is the kind of person who doesn’t like to invade his privacy. That’s why he doesn’t talk about his family and doesn’t have any social media accounts.

whereas, his girlfriend is seen as pretty active and famous on social media accounts. She has an Instagram account with 1.5 million followers and she posts around 1100 times similarly on Facebook she has 500,000 likes. she is famous because of her successful acting career.

Norman Kali’s Net worth

Norman Kali earned approx. $2 million. His source of income was his profession and his acting field. He has been working from a very young age and has a very successful career which helped him earn a good living he is spending a pretty good life now staying at home as a father and helping his wife to achieve good in her career.

Amazing Facts

Because Norman Kali is not that much open about himself so there are very few facts that we can say he is a kind of motivated and old-school personality, who only loves to do his work and is not that much in favor of sharing his personal life with anyone else.

Hobbies & Interests

Norman Kali is a work enthusiast and when he has nothing to do His favorite is sleeping. He had some inspiration from his favorite actress and actors and is their die heart fan  Tom Cruise was his favourite actor and Emma Stone was his favourite actress. In food preferences, He loves to eat Italian Food. White and blue were his favorite colors. His wardrobe is full of his favorite color outfits. Kali loves to ice-skate, kayak, and snowboard.


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