Mia Randall Biography, Age, Career & Net Worth

Mia Randall Biography

Who is Mia Randall?

Mia Randall is Patrick Mahomes’ younger sister. For many years, she has been one of the Kansas City Chiefs’ biggest cheerleaders, supporting him at many games along with his mother, Randi, and brother, Jackson. She was born with a golden spoon in her mouth, so she did not need to work hard to gain so much fame at this age stage.

She is one of the luckiest people in the World, and she got famous with an effort. It is not wrong to say that she had the fruit of the labor of her elder brother, Patrick Mahomes. Patrick Mahomes also has two other siblings, Graham and Zoe.

Mia and Patrick have a significant age gap, but they share a special bond. His mother, Randi, has told Patrick and his wife to stay in touch with her.

Personal Information

Name Mia Randall Mahomes
Nick Name Mia Bliss
Date of Birth July 12, 2011
Age 12 years
Zodiac sign Cancer
Nationality America
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Religion Cristian

Early life

Mia Randall Mahomes is Patrick Mahomes’s half-sister and was born in Texas, United States of America, on July 12, 2011. She is a young star girl who shines bright like a star in the sky and attracts everyone. Her father, Patrick Lavon Mahomes Sr., was also a famous professional athlete. He earned a perfect name in baseball by playing in Major League Baseball from 1992 to 2003.

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Many sources revealed that Mia Randall Mahomes attended Texas High School for education, but her mother, Randi, ’s Instagram posts showed that she attended All Saints Episcopal School for early education; Randi also shared some pictures of her daughter’s tween school routine.


Mia Randall Mahomes is a famous and active baseball, softball, and basketball player. Her talent has reached a professional level. She is also a member of baseball, volleyball, and basketball.

She also has many skills. She is a very active social media participant and a member of the YouTube family. Not only is she an excellent pianist, but she is also a dancer and singer. She produces impressive videos on YouTube and TikTok, and in this way, she has gained much fame on social media. Besides all of these, she is also getting an education properly.

Body Measurement & Appearance

Height 4 feet 5 inches
Weight 25kg
Body Size
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black


Father Unknown
Mother Randi Martin Mahomes
Siblings 2
Husband N/A
Children N/A

Amazing Facts

  • She was born in Texas, United States of America, in 2011.
  • She gained fame at the age of 10/11 years.
  • She participates in various games like volleyball, basketball, and baseball.
  • She is very famous on social media.
  • She has 1.1 million followers on tiktok.

Hobbies & Interests

  • She is interested in playing baseball, volleyball, and basketball.
  • Her hobby is producing videos; she has 1.1 million followers on TikTok.
  • She is famous for dancing.
  • She also likes singing.
  • She is also a well-known YouTuber.

Social Media

It would be an incomplete article if we did not talk about her social media life and tell her lovers about her video-generating capabilities on different social media platforms. She is a very famous TikToker and Youtuber.

For your information, she also has an Instagram account with many followers. Her Instagram account is @miabliss15.She. She is also an expert in video production. She proves to be a good dancer and singer in many of her videos. Her tiktok account is @ballersister. She is also famous on social media due to the fame of her elder brother, Patrick Mahomes.

Mia Randall’s Net Worth

She owns an appreciable amount at the age of only 12 years. She has earned more than any others of the same age. Mia Randall Mahomes’ net worth is approximately $ 1 million to $ 5 million.

Name Mia Randall Mahomes
Source of Wealth Social media
Wealth $1 million to 5$ million


  • What is Mia Randall’s age?

Her age is 12 years in 2024. She was born on July 12, 2011, in Texas, United States of America.

  • What religion does Mia Randall practice?

She was born into a British family that strictly follows its religion. Having learned its rules and regulations, she often worships at church.

  • What is Mia Randall’s net wealth?

She earned more than others her age. Up to now, she has earned approximately $1 million to $5 million.

  • What is the nationality of Mia Randall?

She was born in Texas, a city in the United States of America, and therefore has American nationality.

  • Is her parents still living together?

Pat and Randi were divorced in 2006. But still, they are good with each other. They were married in the 90’s.

  • What is the relationship between Mia Randall and Patrick Mahomes?

She is a half-sister to Patrick Mahomes. They are of the same mother, Randi. Everyone knows Patrick Mahomes. He is a famous professional football player from Texas, United States of America.

  • Why did Mia Randall become so famous at the age of 12 years?

Mai Randall is one of those in the World who made little effort and got much fruit from their labor. She has the appreciable benefit of being the sister of Patrick Mahomes.

He is a well-known football player in America. No one is unaware of his fame, which is why she enjoys unexpected fame at only 12.

  • Does Patrick Mahomes have other half-siblings?

The answer to this question is yes. Mia Randall Mahomes is also Patrick Mahomes’s half-sibling. In addition to her, Patrick Mahomes has two other half-siblings from his father, Pat Mahomes. One is his brother, Graham Walker, and the other is his sister, Zoe Mahomes.

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