Malia Obama Biography, Age, Career & Net Worth

Who is Malia Obama?

Malia Obama was born in Chicago in 1998. When her father, Barak Obama, was elected U.S. president in 2008, she moved to the White House. With her Younger sister Sasha, she attended Sidwell school friends. At Harvard University in 2017, she accompanied her parents on international trips. In television and filmmaking, she had taken an interest.

Personal Information

Name Malia Obama
Nick Name Malia
Date of Birth July 4, 1998
Age 25 years old
Zodiac sign Libra
Nationality America
Ethnicity Mixed ethnicity ( African-American)
Religion Christian

Early life

Malia Obama was born at the University of Chicago Medical Center on July 4, 1998. Her father, Barack Obama, was an Illinois state senator and law professor. Her mother also served as dean of student associate at the University of Chicago. Her younger sister, Sasha Obama, raised her in the middle-class Hyde Park neighborhood. Malia was diagnosed with Asthma in the early stages and fought it to enjoy her childhood actively and with joy mar, ked by flute, soccer, and swimming. In 2004, her world expanded during her father’s presidency of the U.S. Senate. In 2007, she tasted national campings during her father’s presidency.

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Malia Obama took a year off from Harvard University.

She led to her desire to learn more about the filmmaking industry. Malia studied  Visual and Environmental studied. She held a position in CBS” ‘s Extent and interned for Lena Dunham  Girls on HBO. These positions helped her to develop a deeper understanding of Amazon Prime, TV series, and films on the screens of viewers, helping her gain valuable experience that came in handy in “ Swarm,” Donald Glover’s chilling new TV series.

Life as a first daughter: In November 2008, her father became 44U.S president when she was ten. She spent most of her teenage years in the White House. According to Michelle’s memoir, becoming the president and First Lady attempted to keep their daughters grounded and change their lives in a 132-room mansion with numerous aids, a swimming pool, and a bowling alley. In 2009, Malia and Sasha received a Portuguese White Dog, Bo.

Their maternal grandmother was Marian Robinson, who took them to school and ensured they kept their rooms tidy. Malia and Sasha are typically interested in activities except under the close watch of Secret Service protection, class trips, and summer vacations. Radiance Malia’s code name means learned to drive. They go to Hawaii to spend Christmas with relatives. She travels with their parents internationally to Asia, Russia, and South America. She has met renowned leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Pope Benedict XVI. In 2016, she got to help their hosts in Spanish famously.


In early 2009, after attending the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. Malia followed the footsteps of fellow first children like Chelsea Clinton with her acceptance in Washington, DC, to the private Sidwell Friends School. In June 2016, she graduated, and during this time, she competed on her soccer, tennis, and swim teams and sang with the school. Following a gap year, she traveled with friends to South America and visited Indonesia with her parents. In 2017, Malia enrolled at Harvard University. At her time, she was publicly known as Harvard. She was named a Thomas Temple Hoopes prize winner for Hawaii to spend Christmas with relatives.


She was greatly interested in television, filmmaking, and her work at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. As a teenager, with the intent of advancing her interest in television and filmmaking, she gets many internships. In 2014, she became a production assistant on the set of Extant. In 2015, I aided the writer of a series of girls. In 2017, she served a stint at the Weinstein Company. It was reported that in February 2022, Malia had landed a position in the form of a writer’s room of a Donald  Glover-created series about a Beyonce-esque pop star, Title Hive. She was actress Lexi Underwood, who would portray the First Lady in the anthology series of presidential daughters.

Malia Obama pays great attention to dressing like her mother. In 2015, London Vogue praised her simple dress and polished and pretty ensemble. She got the same photography as the same year Brooklyn Hip Hop Collective pro-Era T-shirt. At the 2017  Sundance Film Festival, she joined the protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. In 2020, she was involved in the nationwide demonstration following the death of George Floyd.

She meets renowned leaders like Pope Benedict XVI and Nelson Mandela during international trips to  Asia, Russia, and South America with her parents. In 2016, during a state Cuba in Spanish, she famously helped her father communicate with their hosts. In the nation’s capital, Media was largely dissuaded from focusing on the presidential daughters in their time. Time magazine lists the 25 most influential teens of 2014 and Obama’s approval of Malia and Sasha’s inclusion.

Body Measurement & Appearance

Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 57 kg
Body Size Moderate
Eye Colour  Black
Hair Colour Black


Father Barack Obama
Mother Michelle Obama
Siblings Sasha


No husband

Dawit Eklund ( record producer)

Children She does not have any children.

Love Life & Affairs

Regarding her marrital status, she is not married yet. But in 2017 Malia dated her fellow Harvard student Rory Farquharson, the son of a prominent London investtment banker.

They broke up in 2020 and now she is dating Dawit Eklund who is a producer.

Amazing Facts

  • Malia Obama is the oldest of her sisters.
  • Malia Obama is the eldest daughter of the United States president.
  • She played tennis and basketball during her high school years.
  • She is known to have a love for music.
  • She also attended concerts and music festivals.
  • She visited many countries such as Senegal,south Africa, and Tanzania.
  • She is also a graceful dancer.
  • She is fluent in Spanish.

Hobbies & Interests

  • Television
  • Filmmaking
  • Soccer
  • Using social media

Social Media

Malia Obama is a famous social media personality. She has a 300 thousand-dollar net worth. She is running her Instagram account as (@obama.malia) has 231k  followers with nine posts on her Instagram account with this link: She usually shares her photos and videos on her account daily.

Malia Obama is running her  Twitter account as @obama.malia.

Malia Obama also runs her YouTube account with unlimited subscribers.

Malia Obama’s Facebook account is

Malia Obama’s Net worth

This social media personality has achieved approximately 300 thousand USD as a film producer and media star. Malia Obama’s wealth and income are almost entirely from her career as a film producer. Malia Obama is best known for her soul work.

Name Malia Obama
Source of Wealth Earning as a film producer and media star
Wealth $ 300 thousand


  • How much has Malia Obama earned?

It varies from role to role and depends on the type of work she does. According to rumors, she gets 3 thousand dollars, her estimated net worth.

  • Which nationality does  Malia Obama have?

Malia Obama has American nationality.

  • What religion does Malia Obama have?

Malia Obama was born to a Christian family.

  • What is the height of Malia Obama?

Malia Obama’s height is about  6 feet and 1 inches.

  • What is the name of Malia Obama’s mother?

Malia Obama’s mother’s name is Michelle Obama.

  • How much is Malia Obama rich?

Malia Obama has earned about $ 300 thousand from her career.

  • When was Malia Obama’s mother born?

Malia Obama’s mother’s birth year was not known.

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