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Who was Dylan Klebold?

Dylan Klebold was a member of an upper-middle-class family. He was the main character of the Columbine High School massacre and a high school senior student. Dylan Klebold and his friend Eric Harris developed a hatred for their fellow beings. They also brought guns and pipe bombs which they later on used for this incident in their school. Both took numerous lives and injured several people. They also committed suicide after that decimate.

Personal Information

 Full Name  Dylan Klebold
 Nick Name  Dylan
 Date of Birth  11 September 1981
 Age  18 years
 Zodiac sign  Virgo
 Nationality  American
 Ethnicity  White
 Religion  Lutheran

Early life

Dylan Klebold was born in Lakewood, Colorado. Lakewood is claimed to be the home of rule and the most populous city in Colorado. His parent gave him the name of the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.
His father Thomas Klebold was an engineer and his mother Susan Klebold was in assistance services of disabled and brain diseased individuals. Most of the childhood was passed in religious surroundings. His parents were Lutheran, thus his religious background was Jewish and his parents emphasized his education in Lutheran culture. He had sibling named Byron. He met his friend at the same time when he was in the middle school. Eric Harris was the first person that he interacted with and Eric was a bit older than Dylan Klebold.

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Dylan Klebold went to Normandy Elementary School. Later on, he was admitted to Governor’s Ranch Elementary School. He was a bright student and joined a program with high intellectual potential. Dylan enrolled at Ken Caryl Middle School after his elementary school. In middle school he was very shy and not very social with others. Then he met Eric Harris and before their higher education, they had a very good bond with Eric, where they became best friends. Both attended Columbine High School for their higher education. He also had an interest in sports. He participated in school games and was playing an active role in games and his education at the same time.


Eric was hired by an economic class company to make a business ad. After Eric’s first ad he influenced Dylan for to work with him. Harris collaborated with Dylan and made a video named Hire of Hitman on 8 December, 1998. Both presented this video work to their teacher. He appreciated them so they got motivated. At first they just posted there video for their school. This whole clip was released in 2004 in which they portrayed the trench coat mafia. A ring in school that wore black trench coats extorting money from students to protect them from bullies. They were not official part of that ring yet but generally knew some of the members of the group. Dylan and Harris were only friends of the guys from hood. This video seemed to be the rehearsal of the real event they performed later on.


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Body Measurement & Appearance

 Height  6 Ft 3 Inches
 Weight  Not known
 Body Size  Slim Build
 Eye Color  Not known
 Hair Color  Not know


 Father  Thomas Klebold
 Mother  Susan Klebold
 Siblings  byron
 Marital Status  Unmarried
 wife  Single
 Children  No children

Personal Life/ Love Life & Affairs.

Dylan was a kind of shy person he did not interact with any of the girls in his educational period. Most of the times he spend his time and seen with his best friend Eric Harris. They both shared the bond of friendship and almost stayed together after their elementary education. Dylan Klebold was very obsessed with mafia style and old school type of friends. He always interacted with Harris and members of the black trench coat. Though he was not committed with anyone like love and that type of relation.  

Social Media.

Dylan Klebold did not have any social media account and had no interest in any kind of social media platform. He only interacted with his close circle and there is nothing about him on any social media instead of his involvement in that massacre.  

Dylan Klebold’s Net Worth

Dylan Klebold had all the Net Worth from parents. He did not had any source of income. His parents were doing great work and he had all the money in his inheritance which is estimated to be $3-5 million and all is from his parents.

Amazing Facts

  • Dylan Klebold was born in 1981
  • His full date of Birth is: September 11, 1981
  • His birthplace was Colorado and his city of birth was Lakewood
  • He was the only friend of the black trench coat and was not a member of that group.
  • The member of the black trench coat had left the school by the time he committed that crime
  • Dylan Klebold, along with Eric Harris, together killed 13 people and also injured 20 when he was just 18 years old at Columbine  High School on April 20, 1999.
  • He had hatred for his schoolfellows which is why he did that incident  He was only   18 years old when he died.
  • Death Year: 1999
  • Dylan Klebold died on April 20, 1999, right after he committed that  massacre
  • He died in his home in his state Colorado in the city of Littleton

Hobbies & Interests

Dylan Klebold was into sports he was very fond of baseball and participated in his school sports too, he was also into soccer and t ball, whereas in his school he was a cub scout and was passionate about his studies. he was very brilliant in his studies and pretty good at extracurricular activities. His pleasure time was spent with his friends. He was kind of shy in interaction and because of his anger issues did not like that much to talk to others or do things others do.


  •  What was the religion of Dylan Klebold?

His parents were from a Lutheran background thus he was Jewish.

  •  Why did Dylan commit that massacre?

Klebold had anger issues and depression which developed his hatred for his school and led him to this incident.

  •  What was the age of Dylan when he died?

Dylan Klebold was 17 years about to turn 18 when he died.

  •  Where did Dylan get those weapons from?

Dylan Klebold enlisted Robyn Anderson his old friend for Straw’s purchase of two shotguns and a high-point carbine.

  •  Does Dylan have any siblings?

Dylan Klebold only had one sibling his name was Byron and their parents brought them together under the same roof.

  •  Does Dylan’s parents were together always?

Dylan’s parents filed for divorce after 43 years of their marriage and got  separated

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