Dustin Hoffman Biography, Age, Career & Net Worth

Who is Dustin Hoffman?

Dustin Lee Hoffman is an American actor and film producer. He is famous for his great portrayals of antiheroes and emotional characters. Hoffman performed unforgettable roles in various movies. Due to his amazing performances in movies and dramas, he received many awards, including Academy Awards, BAFTA Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and two Primetime Emmy Awards. He studied music because he was interested in acting. He got training to do acting.

Personal Information

Name Dustin Lee Hoffman
Nick Name Hoffman
Date of Birth August 8, 1937
Age 86  years old
Zodiac sign Leo
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Jewish

Early life

Dustin Hoffman was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 8, 1937. He is the son of Harry Hoffman and Lillian. He has two older brothers. His father was a furniture salesman. Before starting work as a salesman, his father worked as a set decorator at Columbia Pictures. Hoffman belongs to a Jewish family. His family migrated to Ashkenazi from Kyiv, Ukraine, and Lasi, Romania.

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Hoffman’s family surname was spelled as Гойхман in the Russian Empire. His parents raised him non-religiously. He said that he doesn’t have any memory of celebrating Jewish holidays growing up. He came to know that he was Jewish at the age of 10. He has an older brother named Ronald, a lawyer and economist.

Dustin Hoffman spent his early life with his parents and siblings.


Dustin Hoffman got his early education from high school in Los Angeles in 1995. He studied medicine at Santa Monica College. He was passionate about acting. When he was at Santa Monica, he also attended an acting class. From this class, he realized that acting would be easy. At an early age, Hoffman wanted to become a classical Pianist. He also studied piano in college time.

However, he decided to start his profession as an actor. Then he dropped out of Santa Monica College and went to join the Pasadena Playhouse.

Hoffman also studied music before going into the industry. He attended many classes at the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music.


Regarding his career, Dustin Lee Hoffman started his career after dropping out from Santa Monica College. He went to join Pasadena Playhouse for acting practices. When he informed his family about his passion for acting, his aunt Pearl said “ You can’t be an actor because you are not handsome and good-looking enough”. Dustin Hoffman was disappointed by her aunt’s point of view about him. But Hoffman didn’t lose hope and kept trying. Now he is working as an aspiring actor.

Early career

His early career years are from 1960 to 1966. He performed his theater roles for about six years of his starting career. In 1960, he played his first role with Academy Award winner Gene Hackman at Pasadena Playhouse. Then Hackman went to York City with Hoffman. In New York City, they started to work with Robert Duvall. They loved together in the 1960s while finding acting jobs.

Hoffman found a job but due to his small height, he was not selected. So, he decided to perform his roles in TV bit parts such as commercials. But he also needed income. Then he decided to teach acting to others. In this regard, he learned acting more and became a dedicated method actor.

In 1960, Hoffman performed his role in an off-Broadway debut series titled A Cook for Mr. General. After his bit role in Broadway production, he started to get more roles in other series. He performed his role in Rabbit Run theaters in 1962. In the same year, he served as an assistant to Ulu Grosbard.

In 1964 he performed his amazing and famous role in Three Men on a Horse at McCarter theatres.

At the end of the 1960s, Hoffman made his performances in TV shows and movies such as Naked City, The Defenders, and Hallmark Hall of Fame. In 1966 he received a Drama Desk award for his role in the play Eh?

In 1967, he made his roles in films such as The Tiger Makes Out.


In 1966, Hoffman started acting in lead roles in films. His first lead role was offered to him by Mike Nichols in the Broadway musical The Apple Tree. Due to his bad singing, he was rejected in The Apple Tree. After being rejected in The Apple Tree, Hoffman appeared in the lead role in the movie The Graduate in 1967. He performed his best role in this movie. Then, his performance in a Life magazine movie made him a star. His film received good reviews.

Hoffman was successful in the early years career. His friends were amazed at his early year’s success. He gathered a large number of fans. He even received thousands of letters from his fans. However, after performing amazing roles in many films, he became a famous personality.

His filmography is:-


Year Title Role
1967 The tiger makes out Hap
1968 Madigans million Jason Fister
1969 Midnight Cowboy Enrico salvatore Rizzo
1970 Little Big man Jack Crabb
1971 Straw dogs Georgie Soloway
1972 Alfredo, alfredo Alfredo Sbisa
1973 Papillon Louis Dega
1974 Lenny Lenny Bruce
1976 All the president’s Men Carl Bernstein
1978 Straight time Max Dembo
1979 Agatha Wally Stanton
1982 Tootsie Michael Dorsey
1987 Ishtar Chuck Clarke
1988 Rain man Raymond Ray Babbit
1989 Family business Vito McMullen
1990 Dick Tracy Mumbles
2010 Little rockers Bernie Focker.

Theatre credits of Dustin Hoffman are:

Year Title Role
1961 A cook for Mr. general Ridzinski
1964 The subject was Roses Timmy Clearly
1968 Jimmy shine Jimmy shine
1974 All over town He was the director himself
1984 Death of a salesman Willy Loman
1989 The merchant of Venice Shylock

Awards and Accolades

He received many awards for his best performances. His list of awards and nominations is :

Academy Awards

Year Category Title Result
1968 Best actor The graduate Nominated
1970 Best actor Midnight Cowboy Nominated
1975 Best actor Lenny Nominated
1980 Best actor Kramer vs Kramer Won
1983 Best actor Tootsie Nominated
1989 Best actor Rain man Won
1998 Best actor Wag the dog Nominated

Emmy Awards

Year Category Title Result
1968 Outstanding TV movie Death of a salesman Nominated
2016 Best actor Roal Dahl’s Esio Trot Won

Tony Awards

Year Category Title Result
1990 Best actor in a play Merchant of Venice Nominated

Dustin Hoffman also received many Golden Globe awards.

He suffered from cancer disease in 2012. But he was successfully treated for cancer in 2013.

Sexual Misconducts

In 2017, a 17-year-old girl alleged that Hoffman attacked her sexually. She said that Hoffman made inappropriate jokes about her and asked her to give him a foot massage. However, Hoffman proved all the statements to be wrong. Hoffman said that I know to respect a woman well. He said that it is not reflective of who I am. Many of his friends also favored him and said that Hoffman was a decent and sweet man.

Body Measurement & Appearance

Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 81 kg
Body Size Moderate
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown


Father Harry Hoffman
Mother Lillian Gold
Siblings One brother (Ronald Hoffman)
Wife Lisa Gottsegon
Children Six

Love Life & Affairs

Regarding his marital status, Hoffman married Anne Byrne in 1969. His wife, Anne Byrne, took a child from her previous marriage. He also adopted her daughter Karina. They both had a daughter named Jenna, who was born in 1970. The couple lives in a building in Greenwich Village.

The couple divorced in 1980. After their separation, he married Lisa Gottsegen, a doctor by profession. The couple had four children together, and Hoffman now has two grandchildren.

Before his marriage, Hoffman also had many relations with women.

Amazing Facts

  • Dustin Hoffman has been nominated seven times for the Academy Award.
  • Dustin Hoffman has worked with famous directors such as Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino.
  • Dustin Hoffman has worked in both film and theater.
  • Hoffman married twice.

Hobbies & Interests

  • Music
  • Acting

Social Media

Dustin Lee Hiffman is a famous social media personality. His net worth is 100 million dollars net worth. He runs his  Instagram account as (@dustinhoffmanofficial) and has 4081  followers with 4  posts on his Instagram account.

He is running his Twitter account as @DustinHoffman.

Dustin Hoffman also runs his YouTube account with unlimited subscribers.

Dustin Hoffman’s Net worth

This social media personality has achieved approximately  100 million USD  from his acting profession. His wealth and income are almost entirely from his acting career. He is best known for his soul work.

Name Dustin Hoffman
Source of Wealth Earning as an actor
Wealth $ 100 million


  • How much has Dustin earned?

It varies from role to role and the type of work he does. According to rumors, he gets 100  million dollars, which is his estimated net worth.

  • What is Dustin’s real name?

His real name is Dustin Lee Hoffman.

  • What is Dustin Hoffman famous for?

Dustin Lee Hoffman is famous for acting and filmmaking career.

  • Is Dustin Hoffman retired from acting career?

No, Dustin has not retired from his career. He remains professionally active. His filmography has crossed over 60 roles.

  • Which nationality does  Dustin Hoffman have?

Dustin Hoffman has American nationality.

  • What religion does Dustin Hoffman have?

Dustin Hoffman was born to a Jewish family.

  • What is the height of Dustin Hoffman?

Dustin Hoffman’s height is about  5 feet and 5 inches.

  • What is the Name of Dustin Hoffman’s mother?

Dustin Hoffman’s mother’s Name is Lillian Gold.

  • How much is Dustin Hoffman rich?

Dustin has earned about $ 100 million from his career in acting and filmmaking.

  • How many children does Dustin Have?

Dustin Hoffman has six children.

  • Why is Dustin married to Lisa?

Dustin got divorced from his first marriage and then married Lisa Gottegson.

  • Is Dustin still in relation with Lisa?

Yes, he is still married to Lisa.

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