David Nehdar Biography, Age, Career & Net Worth

Who is David Nehdar?

David Nehdar’s popularity is because of his polished skills in business and entrepreneurship. He has a brilliant mind and pretty good business skills. He has a degree in business and management and was born on 16th August 1974 in LA, California. He is an American-born self and family-oriented person who is not much of a social media person, but very passionate and focused on his career and his personal life. He always dreamt of the life of a successful entrepreneur and it would not be wrong if we say he is a gem in the business personalities list.

Personal Information

 Full Name  David Nehdar
 Nick Name
 Date of Birth  August 16, 1974
 Age  48 years
 Zodiac sign  Leo
 Nationality  American
 Ethnicity  Caucasian
 Religion  Christian

Early life

David Nehdar is a businessman born and brought up in  Los Angeles, California, United States. His parents migrated from Europe and settled in Los  Angeles, Thus he was born in California and stayed in his hometown in his childhood, yet he still lives in his parent’s place. His date of birth is August 16, 1974. He is 48 years old and holds the nationality of America. He is only addicted to his work and doesn’t talk about his family and siblings.  He spent  his early life with his parents and then after his school and higher education  after getting the degree of his choice, he started achieving his dreams through his  success in business


He took his early socialization from his father and for his education, he attended his state’s local high school in his birthplace, from where after his matriculation. He then made a good decision for further studies by enrolling in an unspecified college, from where he graduated with a mysterious degree in business and management skills at some he was managing his family business and after his degree, he planned to do things in a better way and put all that study into a practical he took over his family business and started working.

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David Nehdar had a degree in business and management and this can be deduced from his basic information that, He is very keen and passionate about his work as he started from his family business and invested in some firms which made his capital grow and because he had the degree in the same field he achieved what he wanted to. His business according to some sites is investment and funding. He also owns a real estate firm and makes good investments. He also has invested in the hotel industry and has made some good profitable investments resulting in his good income and a lavish lifestyle.


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Body Measurement & Appearance

 Height  5 feet and 11 inches.
 Weight  around 75 kg
 Body Size  Slim Build
 Eye Colour  light brown
 Hair Colour  dark brown


 Father  Not known
 Mother  Not known
 Siblings  Not known
 Marital Status  Married
 Wife  Lacey Chaber
 Children  Julia Mimi Bella

Personal Life/ Love Life & Affairs

David Nehdar is never in the headlines for his affairs and love life whereas, he was in the limelight when the news came out of David marrying  Lacey  Chabert, a famous actress and a singer whom he fell in love with and they both tied the knot on the 22nd December 2013. They have been together for more than a  decade, and they are living a happy life with their one daughter.

Julia  Mimi Bella Nehdarin after the grandmother of David. David is very famous for his wife too because she posts his pictures on her social media accounts and gives remarks about him that he is a very supportive and loving husband and father. She told her fans that he supports her by taking care of their daughter while she maintains her schedule. Whereas, according to sources they have been dating before their marriage.

Social Media

Because David keeps his professional life and professional life out of people’s sight he doesn’t have any social media accounts and he doesn’t wanna invade his privacy so he doesn’t use the account or share anything anywhere, on the other hand, his wife has Instagram handle “ thereallacey” with a huge fan base of 1.1million  and Facebook “  Lacey Chabert ” with a large number of fans.  Furthermore, she has a Twitter account @IamLaceyChabert with 214.4k  followers. She is active and shares a lot about David and his life so his fans can see him by his wife’s accounts. He doesn’t have any accounts his influencers can see him on his wife’s accounts.

David Nehdar Net worth

David Nehdar is a business tycoon and is earning a handsome amount of money from different firms like his real estate and the funding and investments he made in his field because he has a degree in the field of business and management skills that’s why he is very assured when making any move on anything. David’s net worth is around $10 million from all his investments and according to assumptions he is earning a million per year.

Amazing Facts

David Nehdar is a workaholic and is only attracted to his work. He is Leo by his birth sign and his best marriage matches are  Sagittarius, Gemini, and Aries.  His lucky colour is gold and his lucky stone is ruby. In addition, his lucky number is 9. Although he is not active by himself, his wife is the reason he is in the limelight. David is always in the headlines because of his wife and their love because she shares about themselves.

Hobbies & Interests

David’s hobbies are not known, he spends his leisure time with his wife and child. He doesn’t have such hobbies because his major focus is his career and he is very motivated and devoted with his work. David’s first and foremost preference is his family and business and he invests all his time and money on his work, professional life, and his family. He is not very keen when we talk about his hobbies because he is always seen alone and with his family.


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