Azja Pryor Biography, Age, Career, Wiki & Net Worth (2024)

Azja Pryor Biography

Who Is Azja Pryor?

Azja Pryor is known for her work as a casting director. She is fame as Chris Tucker’s ex-wife. Azja is an American figure in the entertainment world. She also shares her passion related to health and fitness on social media. Through her online platform, she promotes various health products. Her aim to inspire others to lead healthier lives.

Personal Information

Full Name: Azja Pryor
Nick Name: Azja Pryor
Date of birth: September 18, 1978
Age: 45 years old
Profession: Fitness coach
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Mixed
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Religion: Christian

Early Life & Education:

Azja Pryor was born on September 18, 1978 in Berkeley, California, USA. She’s of African descent and grew up with her mom Lorraine Pryor, who was also an actress. Azja admired her mom’s acting skills and decided to pursue a career in theater.

She went to Alexander Hamilton Jr./Sr. High School. Later studied Theater Arts at the University of California, Los Angeles. Pryor also attended Santa Monica College to learn more about acting, writing and production. Her education helped her become successful in the entertainment industry.

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Azja Pryor’s journey in the entertainment industry began when she married actor Chris Tucker in 1997. She starts her career as a casting assistant and climbed the ladder to become a respected casting director. Azja Pryor leaves her mark on popular movies and TV shows like Eve. With her innate talent and dedication, Pryor established herself as a prominent figure in the industry. She’s showcasing her ability to spot talent and shape successful productions.

Today, Azja Pryor stands as a symbol of achievement in her role. Embracing a new chapter in her career, she now shares her expertise as an educator at the Center for Baby Wearing Studies. She inspiring our students through her mentorship and empowering them to navigate the entertainment world with confidence.

Azja Pryor isn’t just busy with work. She’s also really into staying healthy and fit. On her Instagram, she shares lots of cool stuff about her active life. Like hiking and outdoor fun. But that’s not all. Azja also runs a cool business where she sells health and wellness stuff online. You can find everything from there such as vitamins to sports gear,eco-friendly items like water bottles and food containers. She’s all about helping people live healthier lives and she’s doing it in a cool way.

Destin Christopher Tucker:

Chris Tucker is an American comedian and actor. He started his career in 1992 on the HBO comedy show Def Comedy Jam. Tucker appeared in movies like Friday and Rush Hour, where he played Detective James Carter and gaining widespread fame.

Early Life & Education:

Christopher Tucker was born August 31, 1971 in Atlanta. Georgia is an American comedian known for his humor. He grew up in Decatur, Georgia and moved to Los Angeles to pursue comedy after high school. Inspired by comedians like Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy, he gained attention for his impressions including Michael Jackson.

Professional Career:

Tucker started his comedy career in Atlanta before moving to Los Angeles in 1990. He became famous on Def Comedy Jam in 1992. Later starred in movies like Friday and Rush Hour with Jackie Chan. He turned down roles in Friday sequels because of personal reasons. Tucker returned to stand-up comedy in 2011 and appeared in films like Silver Linings Playbook. In 2023, he played Howard White in the movie Air.

Philanthropy and Political Views:

Tucker backed Barack Obama in 2008. He joined the Heal Los Angeles Foundation in 2021 to aid inner-city youth. At the 2022 Halloween Thriller Night, Tucker and Steve Harvey got the “Man in The Mirror” Award for their good deeds, presented by Prince Jackson.


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Body Measurements

Height: 5 Feet 7 Inch
Weight: 65 Kg
Body Measurement: 36-30-38
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Blonde

Azja Pryor Family Relation 

Father: Will Update
Mother: Will Update
Brother: Will Update
Sister: Will Update
Ex-Husband: Chris Tucker
Children: ·       Destin Christopher Tucker

·       Iman Joelle

Azja Pryor’s Love Life

Azja Pryor became known as the ex-wife of American celebrity Chris Tucker. They wed in 1997 and welcomed a son, Destin Christopher Tucker in 1998.

Unfortunately, their marriage ended in 2003. Afterward, Azja dated Ludacris a famous American actor and musician until they split in 2006. She found love again with Senegalese Cherif A Ndiaye and together they have a daughter named Iman Joelle born in 2017.

Azja Pryor’s Net Worth

Reportedly, Azja Pryor’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as per certain sources. She primarily earns from her job as a casting director. Additionally, she supplements her income by working as a health coach.

Name: Azja Pryor
Wealth: $1 M
Source of Wealth: Fitness Coach

 Azja Pryor Interesting Facts:

  • Azja Pryor’s zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • She also worked as a casting director.
  • Chris Tucker is her former husband.
  • She is a fitness freak.

Azja Pryor Hobbies: 

  • She visits the gym regularly.
  • She takes care of her diet.
  • She goes to different Tours.
  • She likes movies.
  • She is a pet lover.

Azja Pryor’s Social Media Accounts

Azja Pryor actively interacts with her fan base across various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more. Through these channels, she shares captivating content including photos and videos. She also provides her followers with insights into her life and passions while nurturing a strong connection with her audience.


  • Is Azja Pryor related to Richard Pryor?

No, Azja is not related to him.

  • Who is Chris Tucker’s ex-wife?

He is Chris’s former wife.

  • Who is Azja Pryor married to?

Azja is single now. But she previously married to Chris Tucker.

  • Who is Chris Tucker’s baby’s mother?

He is his son Destin’s mother.

  • Who are Azja Pryor’s parents?

He has not disclosed about them yet.

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