Andrea Abeli Biography, Age, Career, Boyfriend & Net Worth (2024)

Who is Andrea Abeli?

Andrea Abeli is a famous Romania-based Instagram model, Content Creator, YouTuber, TikTok Star, and web-based entertainment. She became famous in Romania for her stunning attitude, attractive looks, and body. She gained followers by sharing pictures of different products on her social media accounts.

She has acquired significant popularity through her photo-sharing endeavors on her performance platform, which has many followers. She became particularly popular because of her presence on the reality television show 2019, “The Art Heroes.”

Personal Information

Full Name Andrea Abeli
Nick Name Andrea
Date of Birth January 19, 1984
Andrea Abeli Age 40 years old
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Nationality Romanian
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity

Early life

Andrea Abeli was born in Caracal, Romania on January 19, 1984. As of January 2023, she is 40 years old. Her real name is Miss Andrea Abeli. She spent her childhood in Rome. According to her tweets, Andrea is a Romanian and American Plummet and belongs to white heritage. She was brought to this world by her parents under the indication of Capricorn. We have found that she is cooperative and friendly with her followers and cooperative with others in the talks.

Andrea Abeli is of white Romanian ethnicity and holds Romanian nationality. She is very self-confident in her work. Andrea was born into a typical class family with a supportive family who always supported her in her life and career. She belongs to the Christian religion. She often shares TikTok videos about herself but hasn’t shared about her family and siblings.

Furthermore, her public life is well-documented, and she values her privacy. She has kept her family details private and still undisclosed, creating her enigmatic aura and allowing her fans to focus on her achievements and shared content. We can see all the details of her family on her Twitter accounts. In the future, if the famous social media star reveals any details about his family, we can provide the update as soon as possible.

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Andrea is a famous Romanian TikTok personality who is well-educated. During her childhood, she attended a private school in her hometown. While she graduated from the University of Bucharest with higher studies, Romanian remained focused on her dreams of starting her career as a social media personality. She became a famous content creator during her schooling and maintained her future goals permanently.

According to her tweets, she was a learner and optimistic person during his childhood. Who believed that any person who wanted to make things better for herself and her family always faced regardless of any difficulty or limitations.

During her studies, she moved on from the Bucharest Faculty of Law in 2006. Later, her canter moved to the act. Andrea Abeli’s family always supported her in her education to obtain her future goals and achieve a beneficial career by signing up for the National Theater in Bucharest’s hometown. To execute her energy for her acting job with education.


Andrea started her acting preparation at her high school during Bucharest National Theater in 2014. She then presented her acting in television shows and began appearing in movies and television programs. However, her support was the two lottery tickets that helped her maintain a benefit distinction.

In August 2019, she made her first Instagram post. Through this, she accepted that she had figured out as a regular guest in the television industry for specific years. After this, she realized that she should continue sharing pictures with her followers, So Andrea began sharing her perfect photographs of herself appearing in hot dresses by posting on Instagram and finally regularly gaining followers.

Over time, Andrea Abeli started delivering different posts by sharing brief recordings after her appearance on Instagram. She has maintained a path of 2 million devotees and a following that is exceeding daily by 500 people. If we talk out her Instagram bio that describes her life, it likewise infers that she is a narrator and a storyteller.

In contrast to her career, Andrea Abeli also has a fan-only account that offers her content subscription services that provide different services from paid promotions. If we talk about her fan-only performance, she has maintained her profile like other famous models and started her profile under the links of Miss Kirroyal; with time, she began to share the premium stuff and reels with her members to access all of her exclusive content.

Unlike her career, Andrea Abelli only has a fan account offering content subscription services that differ from paid promotions. If we only talk about her fan performance, she has maintained her profile like other popular models. Andrea started her profile under Miss Crowell’s links. Over time, it started sharing premium content and reels with its members to get access to all its exclusive content.

Andrea Abeli seems to have a bright future career with various opportunities to be nominated for her and win several awards.


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A post shared by Andrea (

Body Measurement & Appearance

Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 65 kg (140 lbs)
Body Size Slim & Muscular
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Curly Brown


Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Unknown
Boy Friend Jason Luv
Children Unknown

Personal Life/ Love Life & Affairs 

The gorgeous personality lady is currently dating Jason Luv, a well-known model and popular entertainer. They have been dating for an extended period and kept each other connected via online entertainment during the pandemic, which made them examine their lives and have memorable interactions.

During their spare time during their duties, the couple commonly participates in meetings together. She is cognizant of her boyfriend’s well-being and takes many hours to exercise with her boyfriend in the gym. The couple often shares their videos through Snapchat stories to show their love for one another and to achieve the attention of their followers.

Social Media

Andrea is a famous social media influencer and stunning model active daily. She has gained thousands of followers on her Instagram accounts. She is a frequent social media user sharing her lifestyle by frequently uploading her traveling and content-creating videos.

Andrea Abeli is running her Instagram account with 3 million followers. The name on her account is @andreaabeli.

She is also running a Twitter account with 205K followers that are currently banned for her irrelevant posts on her accounts. The name on her account is @@andrea_abeli.

He also runs her official Facebook page, which has approximately 26K followers. Her performance name is @Andrea Abeli.

She provides exclusive content on her Snapchat account with her subscribers utilizing paid promotions and uses this account regularly to maintain her daily earnings. Her Snapchat account is @misskirroyal.

As a content creator and provider of a subscription service, she currently owns two accounts on the Only Fans Company. Her first account is @missandreaabeli, a social profile that proves her posts, while her second account is @abelireels, through which she demonstrates to her followers a premium subscription to her exclusive content through charges.

Net Worth 

If we talk about Andrea’s net worth, we find that most of her money comes from his TikTok and Instagram accounts. She earns through social media accounts like TikTok and Instagram. She also makes paid promotion videos for various brands.

Andrea Abeli’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $4 Million. Her sources of income are her acting career, sponsorships, and paid subscriptions.

Her Instagram account has over two million followers. She has maintained an average engagement rate of 2% with every post. She uploads and achieves about 70k likes. Her earnings from every sponsored post are estimated at $35,500.

She also has an account with her boyfriend on her Only Fan company, earning around $7,000 for every post shared with followers.

Amazing Facts 

  • As a model, she has different skills in photography.
  • She also loves traveling and has made various tours around the world and explored various places.
  • She is known as a Big Booty influencer because of her bold personality.
  • She is currently living in Florida, USA.

Hobbies & Interests

  • She is an animal lover.
  • Her daily visits to the gym for exercise and yoga.
  • She is consistently streaked on her bends while loosening up outside.


  • Who is Andrea Abeli?

Andrea Abeli is a famous Romania-based Instagram model, content creator, YouTuber, TikTok Star, and web-based entertainment professional.

  • What is her date of birth?

Andrea Abeli was born in Caracal, Romania on January 19, 1984. She is 38 years old as of January 2023. Her real name is Miss Andrea Abeli.

  • Andrea Abeli boyfriend?

Andrea Abeli boyfriend name is Jason Luv. Jason is a well-known model and popular entertainer.

  • Is Andrea married?

The gorgeous personality lady is currently unmarried.

  • What is her Net Worth?

Andrea Abeli has approximately a net worth of $4 Million. Her sources of income are through her acting career, sponsorships, and paid subscriptions.

  • How much does she earn from Instagram?

According to a media report, she almost earns about 700K dollars per year from her posting on her Instagram account.

  • What is Andrea’s daily routine?

She spends her morning hearing the noise of the crackling bacon and spends time painting with various colors that smell like muffins and chocolates.

  • Is she a food lover?

She loves to cook and has even shared various images of her cooked dishes on her social media accounts.

  • Does she smoke?

She is a chain smoker and it is found that she used to consume alcohol at various occasions and parties.

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